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Searching for Mobile Advertising Network?

Your Search for Mobile Advertising agency ends here :

With the Increasing focus and Creation of Mobile Applications, demand for mobile advertising agencies or networks are also increasing. Everyone these days creates an App for faster and wider approach these days and once after creating it, they want to promote it and here what CPM Inventory helps you.

List of Countries where CPM Inventory can do such Advertising :  Worldwide all Countries, strongest with United States, Canada, India, Indonesia, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, etc.

Type of Advertising which CPM Inventory offers :  CPM Inventory offers you advertising via Banners, Pop-unders and Redirects on CPM, CPV and CPC modules.
It can be targeted by any particular OS, Device, browsers, Carriers, verticals, keywords, etc.

Best Pricing available, contact account managers today and get the proposal.
Let’s make your Brands Shine with us.
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Buy Global Banner Traffic with JS / iFrame / Rotating tags

These days lot of advertisers look to buy traffic with JS / iframe tags but sources which offer these are very limited.
CPM Inventory is a newtork which has the inventory for such traffic requirement on CPM modules only.

Worldwide traffic is available however Top Countries includes, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, India, Indonesia, Russia, etc.
Targeting options available like, Desktop or mobile, OS/Device, Frequency Capping, Adult / Mainstream, etc.
Best part is that traffic starts at just $0.40 CPM for countries like US, UK, CA, etc. and bit lower for Asian and African geo’s.
Please Note:  We work on a Managed system. Logins will be provided by us to view stats or one can opt for daily reports via email.

For any other queries or for getting started, contact your account Manager today, Or drop us an email at
For faster communication, you may reach us on Skype @ popundermedia

US, UK, CA, AU – Converting CPM traffic

Tier 1 countries traffic is currently available with CPM Inventory on CPV / CPM basis,  which is converting well for your Download, Adult, gaming, and subscription offers.

Countries available are United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.
Traffic is available on CPM / CPV modules only.
Millions of visitors are available per day for each country at best competitive prices. Minimum $1 CPM to start.
All targeting options available including Carriers, OS, Device, browsers, etc.

Get in touch with Account managers and get started today.
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Buy Banner / Popunder traffic for UK

Many of New traffic Sources have been added in last month for UK with CPM Inventory.
If you are looking for quality converting traffic, you are at right place.

Traffic is available on CPM / CPV / CPV modules.
Huge volumes are available with a Managed system with logins to view stats or account managers providing complete support with reports via emails, Skype or WhatsApp.

Buy Full Page Pop-under traffic for UK starts at minimum of $1 CPM and varies with targeting requirements upto $20+ CPM as well.
Buy Banner traffic for UK starting at $0.50 CPM. All sizes for banners are available but 300X250 have got maximum volumes out of all.

We can target all based on OS / Device / Browser / Keyword / Channels / Carriers / 3G / WiFI / Adult / Mainstream,  etc..  as per campaign’s requirement.

We have UK carrier targeted traffic with following carriers :
Three, AT&T,  AIrtel Vodafone, BT, Blackberry, Flow, Lycamobile, MBNL, MTC, MTS, O2, OVH, Orange, Other, Pronto GSM, Sprint, T-Mobile,  Tigo, Vectone Mobile, Viacloud, Vergin Mobile, Vodacom, Vodafone, and Zain.

Get in touch with your Account Managers for more details and getting started or reach at   Or Skype @ popundermedia

Buy Gambling / Casino traffic

There has always been a huge demand by casino and sports betting client’s for buying Pop-unders / Redirects and banners for their new and existing brands.
CPM Inventory brings to you the kind of traffic you have always been looking for you Casino brands. You can now buy traffic for your Poker, betting, lotto, gambling. casino games, bingo brands.

Type of traffic we offer for your offers :

Buy Casino Popunders :   HQ Gambling Vertical can be targeted at $4 CPM onwards. RON traffic starts at just $1 CPM
Buy Gambling – Banners  :   Banner traffic starts at $1 CPM for casino targeted vertical.  RON at just $0.25 CPM

Keyword Targeted :  If you have a list of Keyword, its Great. Else CPM Inventory works for you and manages your Keyword based campaigns for you better results, starting at $6 CPM.

We offer fully Managed System and provides a dedicated account manager for our client’s.
Feel free to contact us for more details at
Or Skype @ popundermedia

Buy Worldwide RON CPM Traffic – Huge volumes for Media Buyers!!

Buy Quality traffic on CPM module for your various campaigns. There are many Networks and Advertisers which do media buying for their offers and are always in search of good sources. CPM Inventory is the the perfect solution for them which offers them worldwide traffic with huge volumes and quality.

We have huge volumes for Pop-under and banner traffic.
Tier 1 countries starts at $1 CPM only with 20 Million+ impressions per day for Pops and almost same for banner impressions.
Tier 2 & 3 countries starts at $0.50 CPM only with 10 Million+ impressions per day for Pop-unders and 4 Million for banners.

Targeting options are available as well, however above estimates are for RON traffic.
Sub id tracking is Available via Macros.
Managed System, where dedicated account manager is available for you all campaign set up and support.

Start today and contact your Account Manager for discounts and extra credits available for the period.

For getting started, contact at  or
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Carrier Targeting – Pops and Banners Available

Specific carrier traffic is in demand these days by many advertisers. Many networks keep looking for a good sources for Pop-unders and banners with carrier targeting features.

CPM Inventory now has the option to choose Pop or banner traffic from specific carriers, including all adult or mainstream Channels.
Carrier targeted traffic for Pops starts at $5 CPM only for most of the countries, and is strongest with US, followed by Canada, UK, Italy, France, Germany, India, Russia, Romania, South Africa, Malaysia, etc.
Carrier targeted Banner traffic starts at $0.50 CPM for most of the countries, and again maximum volumes available will be with US, followed by Canada, Germany, other European geo’s and Asian countries.

Feel free to get started with your carrier traffic requirements. Buzz us on
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Buy Adult Banner traffic

Banner ad traffic has always been an imperative part of online advertising.  Global Adult banner ad traffic is available with CPM Inventory in bulk. Advertisers keep searching good reliable networks for consistent CPM traffic for their new adult brands promotions and performance campaigns.

US Adult banners available starting at $0.30 CPM, around 10 Million impressions per day, including all mobile & desktop traffic.
Canada, European Countries too have around 2 million impressions each, starting at just $0.30 CPM bids.
Adult banners for Asian and African countries have around 300-800K+ impressions per day for each country at just $0.15 CPM to $0.20 CPM.

Banner traffic is also available on CPC module.

Best part is these prices are available with all targeting options as well. We can target Mobile traffic with different OS targeting, Or Desktop / display traffic.  Adult 3G traffic can also be targeted and have good numbers for all geo’s.
JS/IFrame banner tags accepted.

For getting started, contact today at
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Adult Banner traffic for IN, RU, CN, RO, TR

CpmInventory has the adult / dating banner traffic available for both mobile and desktop campaigns for different geo’s.

Indian Adult banner traffic :  Around 300-400K impressions available per day at $0.25 CPM bids.
Russian Adult / dating banners :  Around 200K+ impressions available per day at $0.20 CPM bids.
China Adult banners : Around 250K+ impressions available per day at $0.20 CPM bids.
Romania banner traffic :  Around 150K+ impressions per day at $0.20 CPM bids.
Turkey adult banner traffic :  Around 300K+ impressions per day at $0.20 CPM bids.

We can run clean campaigns with JS / iFrame tags on prepayments only.
Malwares or banner redirects will be caught in few minutes and no refunds in such cases.

Start today, contact at
or Skype @ popundermedia

Buy Banner & Popunder traffic from Direct Publishers sites

There are different formats for generating traffic in online industry like traffic from direct publishers websites, blogs, adware traffic, email traffic, etc. Its hard for a direct advertiser to reach on multiple publishers / webmasters individually and therefore CPM Inventory brings all the quality traffic from direct sites for their advertisers.
This is always available via self-serve or a managed platform with us.

CpmInventory also offers you a Flat buy deal as well, where you can buy a banner spot or popunders on some specific websites, with Good Alexa ranks, for a day, week or months. We have different websites available with Alexa rank from 100 to 100000. Advertiser can see their ads on those particular sites.

We work on Prepayments only. Minimum test to start with is just $100. However its $1000 for specific sites traffic / flat buy deals on top Alexa sites.
All Countries available.

For more details, feel free to contact us at
or Skype @ popundermedia