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Looking for a Digital agency to manage your digital needs??

SO far CPM Inventory has been always active when it comes to provide the genuine visitors for any websites or provided almost all solutions for online traffic needs.
Good news is that it is now expanding to many more fields, apart from traffic generation.
It will help you to fulfill all digital needs.

Now, we can help you with our customized solutions:-

1. Website Development : We can design, develop, optimize and manage your website
2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  One can get his website on top with this technique.
3. Creatives, videos, content: We can design customized creatives, videos & content as per the requirements.
4. Social Media Marketing : Creating, Managing and Promoting pages and ads on any social media ( Facebook, linkedIn, twitter, YouTube, Instagram, blogs).
5. Mobile App Development and Promotions :  We can Create and manage the Apps as per requirement. Once App is ready, client needs it to install to various users. CpmInventory gets you those real visitors as well and hence helps you in promotions, either on CPM or Per install basis.
6. Paid Display and video advertisements on leading websites :  Based on CPM and CPC modules. All real and genuine visitors from worldwide.
7. Databases :  We provide databases for verticals like Casino, Health, Payday, Tech, Forex, etc.
8. Email marketing : We can do Millions of email send outs per day, as per what client needs. This is one of the best way to get targeted customers.
9. SMS marketing :  Millions of messages can be send worldwide on daily basis via this technique.
Any other customized requirement, CpmInventory will get you the solution 🙂

Please feel free to get in touch with our media agency and let’s grow your Business together!!
Skype @ popundermedia  Or  sumeetlunia
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Casino / Gambling Targeted traffic

Buy Casino / Gambling targeted traffic with CPM Inventory for your Casino offer.

Casino traffic

Casino desktop & mobile Pops available for all geo’s starting at $3 CPM

Casino desktop & mobile banners available for all geo’s starting at $1 CPM

Email traffic on casino targeted database starting at $999 for 1 Million sendout.
Geo’s available are Europe, Canada & Australia.

Contact at  and let’s get started.
Skype –  popundermedia

Email traffic available on CPM

Email Marketing uses emails as a commercial message to be send to a group of email users. It is one of the most quick and effective way to be in touch with your customers or to promote your commercial.

Email Marketing

CpmInventory gets you Bulk email services with Opted in emails mainly for casino / gambling campaigns on CPM price model or  Adult / Dating vertical on CPC model.
Countries available are DE, UK, AU, FR, SE, CA.
Millions of email send out daily.

In case if you have your own data and wants to do bulk sending, we can also set up you an email marketing platform, where you do bulk email sending on your own.

For more details, contact at
Skype – popundermedia