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Buy South Africa Pop traffic

Good volumes for South Africa Pop-unders and Redirects are available with CPM Inventory.

Availability :  Popunder and Redirect traffic on CPM module for ZA.
Prices :  Starting from just $1 CPM only.
Targeting :  Adult or Mainstream, Desktop or Mobile with Wi-Fi or Carrier Specific Options available.

Carrier list :  AT&T, Cell C, G- Connect,  MTN,  Telkom, and  Vodacom.

Managed System with logins to view real time stats.

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US, UK, CA, AU – Converting CPM traffic

Tier 1 countries traffic is currently available with CPM Inventory on CPV / CPM basis,  which is converting well for your Download, Adult, gaming, and subscription offers.

Countries available are United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.
Traffic is available on CPM / CPV modules only.
Millions of visitors are available per day for each country at best competitive prices. Minimum $1 CPM to start.
All targeting options available including Carriers, OS, Device, browsers, etc.

Get in touch with Account managers and get started today.
Email at   or Skype @   popundermedia

Buy Banner / Popunder traffic for UK

Many of New traffic Sources have been added in last month for UK with CPM Inventory.
If you are looking for quality converting traffic, you are at right place.

Traffic is available on CPM / CPV / CPV modules.
Huge volumes are available with a Managed system with logins to view stats or account managers providing complete support with reports via emails, Skype or WhatsApp.

Buy Full Page Pop-under traffic for UK starts at minimum of $1 CPM and varies with targeting requirements upto $20+ CPM as well.
Buy Banner traffic for UK starting at $0.50 CPM. All sizes for banners are available but 300X250 have got maximum volumes out of all.

We can target all based on OS / Device / Browser / Keyword / Channels / Carriers / 3G / WiFI / Adult / Mainstream,  etc..  as per campaign’s requirement.

We have UK carrier targeted traffic with following carriers :
Three, AT&T,  AIrtel Vodafone, BT, Blackberry, Flow, Lycamobile, MBNL, MTC, MTS, O2, OVH, Orange, Other, Pronto GSM, Sprint, T-Mobile,  Tigo, Vectone Mobile, Viacloud, Vergin Mobile, Vodacom, Vodafone, and Zain.

Get in touch with your Account Managers for more details and getting started or reach at   Or Skype @ popundermedia

Buy Brazil Popunder traffic – Carrier Specific

Quality Popunder and Redirect traffic is available for Brazil in bulk.
CPM Inventory is offering this traffic on CPM  / CPV module.
Carrier targeting is available with BR carriers like :
AT&T,  CTBC,  CLARO, Contax – Mobitel SA, Nextel, Oi, TIM, & VIVO.
OS / Device / Browser / WiFi / 3G targeting Available.

We can help with both Adult and Mainstream Pops starting at $3 CPM+.
Bids varies ( Low and high ) based on demand at that time.

Feel free to buzz us at
or Skype @ popundermedia

Buy Worldwide RON CPM Traffic – Huge volumes for Media Buyers!!

Buy Quality traffic on CPM module for your various campaigns. There are many Networks and Advertisers which do media buying for their offers and are always in search of good sources. CPM Inventory is the the perfect solution for them which offers them worldwide traffic with huge volumes and quality.

We have huge volumes for Pop-under and banner traffic.
Tier 1 countries starts at $1 CPM only with 20 Million+ impressions per day for Pops and almost same for banner impressions.
Tier 2 & 3 countries starts at $0.50 CPM only with 10 Million+ impressions per day for Pop-unders and 4 Million for banners.

Targeting options are available as well, however above estimates are for RON traffic.
Sub id tracking is Available via Macros.
Managed System, where dedicated account manager is available for you all campaign set up and support.

Start today and contact your Account Manager for discounts and extra credits available for the period.

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IN, TH, FR, ES, ID, BR, US, UK, DE, TR, CA Pop-under and Redirect, Carrier / WiFi traffic

Advertisers always prefer the targeted traffic against RON traffic for the better results. Therefore CPM Inventory always provides their clients with all sorts of targeting options.
Now one can target the specific carriers for any particular country or can target only Wi-fi traffic, based on their requirement.

Huge volumes are available now for Popunder and Redirect traffic for the following countries,  like,  India, Canada, Thailand, France, Germany, Spain, Indonesia, United Kingdom, United States, Turkey, Brazil, and many more.

Prices varies with countries but are offered best in the market.
Campaigns can also be targeted via OS / Device, Browsers, Categories ( Adult / Mainstream ) , Keywords, Mobile/3G/4G/Wifi/Desktop, etc.
Optimization can be done via pub id macros where one can block the non-converting sites and can target the Converting one’s, in order to achieve better ROI.
Complete support from Account Managers for managing campaigns.
Flexible payment options of Wire, Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin or Paxum.

Grab the maximum volumes today by booking your traffic.
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Expired Domain traffic helps in Alexa Ranking & YouTube views

Second name of Expired domain traffic is the direct website traffic. there are some websites which are no longer working or get renewed, but continues receiving some traffic and hence the traffic coming there known as Expired domain traffic.
This traffic usually have the High TOS, time on site and is one of the cheapest source of getting traffic.

Expired domain stuff also boost the Alexa rank of the website and is really good for the one’s looking for increasing YouTube views / counts.

We can start such traffic at $1 CPM only.
Major volumes are available for US expired domain / redirect / direct website traffic, followed by UK, CA, DE, etc.
Managed Sysytem is available with dedicated account Manager to loo after everything for you.

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Global Adult Mobile Redirect traffic available

Redirect traffic is one of the growing way of advertising, which is becoming popular like Pop-unders. Advertisers prefers Redirects against Pop-unders just because it opens the Ad in the same window ( by redirecting the page to Ad ) instead of opening a new window. So It is easily visible to the viewers in comparison to Pop-unders.

Adult Mobile Redirects

High Quality Adult Mobile Redirect Traffic is available with CPM INVENTORY : –

Geo ‘s      :   All Countries ( Strongest with US, CA, AU, CN, & Europe )
Model     :   CPM / CPV,  Mobile Redirects.
Verticals  :   Adult ( Gay / Straight / Shemale )
Rates       :   Starts at $4 CPM / 0.004 CPV
Optimization :  Available through Site id’s.

Please Contact at  for more details.
Or Buzz on Skype @  popundermedia

Japan Pops starting at $2 CPM

Pop-up, Pop-under and redirect traffic is available for Japan and other Asian Geo’s.

Geo’s :  Japan
Volumes :  200K+ per day
Verticals :  All, RON Mainstream and Adult.
Rates :   Starting at $2 CPM. Bidding System.
Targeting Options :  Desktop and Mobile, Channel / Keyword, OS/ Device, etc..

For more details, reach at
or Skype @ popundermedia

Russia pops are available @ $1 CPM

Russian traffic is available with CPM Inventory.

Geo : Russia

Categories : RON Traffic available ( Adult & Non Adul )

:  All Desktop & Mobile

: $1 CPM ( Bidding System )

Volumes :  200K impressions per day at $1 CPM ( Fluctuates with Bids )

For more details, feel free to contact at
Or Skype @  popundermedia