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Buy Global Banner Traffic with JS / iFrame / Rotating tags

These days lot of advertisers look to buy traffic with JS / iframe tags but sources which offer these are very limited.
CPM Inventory is a newtork which has the inventory for such traffic requirement on CPM modules only.

Worldwide traffic is available however Top Countries includes, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, India, Indonesia, Russia, etc.
Targeting options available like, Desktop or mobile, OS/Device, Frequency Capping, Adult / Mainstream, etc.
Best part is that traffic starts at just $0.40 CPM for countries like US, UK, CA, etc. and bit lower for Asian and African geo’s.
Please Note:  We work on a Managed system. Logins will be provided by us to view stats or one can opt for daily reports via email.

For any other queries or for getting started, contact your account Manager today, Or drop us an email at  info@cpminventory.com
For faster communication, you may reach us on Skype @ popundermedia

Buy Adult Banner traffic

Banner ad traffic has always been an imperative part of online advertising.  Global Adult banner ad traffic is available with CPM Inventory in bulk. Advertisers keep searching good reliable networks for consistent CPM traffic for their new adult brands promotions and performance campaigns.

US Adult banners available starting at $0.30 CPM, around 10 Million impressions per day, including all mobile & desktop traffic.
Canada, European Countries too have around 2 million impressions each, starting at just $0.30 CPM bids.
Adult banners for Asian and African countries have around 300-800K+ impressions per day for each country at just $0.15 CPM to $0.20 CPM.

Banner traffic is also available on CPC module.

Best part is these prices are available with all targeting options as well. We can target Mobile traffic with different OS targeting, Or Desktop / display traffic.  Adult 3G traffic can also be targeted and have good numbers for all geo’s.
JS/IFrame banner tags accepted.

For getting started, contact today at  info@cpminventory.com
or Skype @  popundermedia

US Banner traffic available in bulk

Quality Banner traffic is available in bulk with CPM Inventory for all Geo’s.
Major Volumes available of United States. All Brand safe.

East Set up banner Ads

East Set up banner Ads       

Banner Ads are a Graphical display (Image based rather than text) on a website which is either created for promoting a brand or getting visitors from host website to the advertisers website by clicking on those ads.
It can be done on both desktop and mobile.

Geo’s AvailableUS, CA and others

Model :  CPM & CPC

Rates :  Bidding Platform – starts at $0.30 CPM and $0.05 per click

Volumes :  20 Million+ per day

Categories AvailableAll, as per your requirement.   ( RON, Adult, games, gambling, finance, shopping, health, downloads, etc. )

Targeting OptionsAll ,  ( Desktop / Mobile / Device / OS / Language / Keyword / Channels / time scheduling / Geo’s, etc )

Optimization :  Available using Publisher Id Macros

System / Platform   :   Self – Serve and Managed ( Account Manager ), both available.

For more details and getting started, contact at info@cpminventory.com
Or reach us on Skype @ popundermedia

Banner Advertising with CPM Inventory


East Set up banner Ads

East Set up banner Ads

Banner Ads
are a Graphical display (Image based rather than text) on a website which is either created for promoting a brand or getting visitors from host website to the advertisers website by clicking on those ads.
It can be done on both desktop and mobile.

Now Banner Advertising works on different models –

1. CPM – Cost per 1000 Impressions  ( where advertiser pays for per 1000 visitors just to see the ads)
Available with CPM Inventory – starting at $0.20 CPM for all countries.

2. CPC – Cost per Click   ( where advertiser pays for no. of visitors who clicks on the ad and visits the advertiser’s website or landing page )
Available with CPM Inventory – starting at $0.03 per click for all countries.

Different Formats for Banner Ads

Banner Ad Formats

Banner Ad Formats

Leaderboard (728×90)
Full Banner (468×60)
Skyscraper (120×600)
Wide Skyscraper (160×600)
Medium Rectangle (300×250)
Vertical Banner (120×240)
Small Rectangle (180×150)
Button (125×125)
Square Box (250×250)
Large Rectangle (336×280)
Small Rectangle (180×150)
Mobile X-Large Banner (300×50)
Mobile Large Banner (216×36)
Mobile Medium Banner (168×28)
Mobile Small Banner (120×20)
Billboard Banner (970×250)
Half Page Banner (300×600)
Half Box (195×285)
News Banner (390×95)
Mobile Standard Banner (320×50)

Its very easy to set up Banner ads with CPM Inventory, as it provides you complete support.
It provides you a self serve platform, where you can create them yourself, following the very simple steps and add funds, pause the campaign, etc. You also have one dedicated Account Manager, who looks after your campaigns and help you to reach your targets.

Let’s get started today.
Drop an email at info@cpminventory.com and we will guide you all.
Let’s generate some business for you.

1 Million Impressions per day available for CA Adult traffic

CPM Inventory has Adult traffic available for sale starting at $0.40 CPM

– Desktop Traffic

More than 1 Million Banner views per day.
Around 700K Popunders per day.

– Mobile Traffic

Around 500K Mobile Banner views per day.
Around 200K Mobile pops per day.

– Targeting Options

All major targeting options available like, Language, Keyword, OS/ Device, etc.

Contact at info@cpminventory.com  for more details.
Or Visit us at www.cpminventory.com

WW Adult Banner Traffic available for sale

Adult Banner traffic available for sale with Inventory Media.
Worldwide Premium quality adult banners starting at $0.25 CPM.
More than 10 Million unique views per day.
Strongest with US, UK, CA, DE, IT, AU and rest of the world available.
Bid based system, so raising bids fetch more volumes.
Daily reporting via emails.
Freq. cap is 1/24 , Open for flat deals.
CPC deals also available starting at $0.08 per click.

For more details contact at :  anurag@cpminventory.com

Global Mobile Banners

Banner Deal code CPM002
Country Global
Freq capping    1/24
Impressions 1 Million
3rd party tags Available
Creative Upload allowed Yes upto 30kb each
Adunit ALL
Placement Type Web + Mobile
Keyword Targeting Available
Behaviour Targeting Available
Language Targeting Available
Package cost  $400
Effective CPM  $0.40
Estimated Delivery time 5 days