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Buy Global Banner Traffic with JS / iFrame / Rotating tags

These days lot of advertisers look to buy traffic with JS / iframe tags but sources which offer these are very limited.
CPM Inventory is a newtork which has the inventory for such traffic requirement on CPM modules only.

Worldwide traffic is available however Top Countries includes, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, India, Indonesia, Russia, etc.
Targeting options available like, Desktop or mobile, OS/Device, Frequency Capping, Adult / Mainstream, etc.
Best part is that traffic starts at just $0.40 CPM for countries like US, UK, CA, etc. and bit lower for Asian and African geo’s.
Please Note:  We work on a Managed system. Logins will be provided by us to view stats or one can opt for daily reports via email.

For any other queries or for getting started, contact your account Manager today, Or drop us an email at  info@cpminventory.com
For faster communication, you may reach us on Skype @ popundermedia

Brand safe traffic with RTB System

CPM Inventory offers you a self -serve RTB system ( real time bidding ), where you can place a bid for your campaign and based on your bid ranking you receive the traffic.
Volumes and quality always varies with the bids here, but allows you to fetch higher volumes with higher bids.
It offers you a login Id and password where you can see the real time / live stats, along with all control of the campaign like Create Campaign,  Pause / Re-start the campaign, etc. and hence provide you a better transparency while buying traffic.

RTB platform includes traffic from all the Countries and prices starts at $1 CPM for Pop-unders / Redirects and $0.20 CPM only for banners.
It support the tags and links both.
It also provide you all sort of targeted traffic based on your requirement, like Channel / Vertical / Keyword targeting, OS, Device, website or Mobile traffic, Browsers, etc,
Works on a prepayment basis with min. deposit of just 200 USD.

For more details or getting started, contact at  info@cpminventory.com
Or Skype @ popundermedia

US Banner traffic available in bulk

Quality Banner traffic is available in bulk with CPM Inventory for all Geo’s.
Major Volumes available of United States. All Brand safe.

East Set up banner Ads

East Set up banner Ads       

Banner Ads are a Graphical display (Image based rather than text) on a website which is either created for promoting a brand or getting visitors from host website to the advertisers website by clicking on those ads.
It can be done on both desktop and mobile.

Geo’s AvailableUS, CA and others

Model :  CPM & CPC

Rates :  Bidding Platform – starts at $0.30 CPM and $0.05 per click

Volumes :  20 Million+ per day

Categories AvailableAll, as per your requirement.   ( RON, Adult, games, gambling, finance, shopping, health, downloads, etc. )

Targeting OptionsAll ,  ( Desktop / Mobile / Device / OS / Language / Keyword / Channels / time scheduling / Geo’s, etc )

Optimization :  Available using Publisher Id Macros

System / Platform   :   Self – Serve and Managed ( Account Manager ), both available.

For more details and getting started, contact at info@cpminventory.com
Or reach us on Skype @ popundermedia