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Buy Italy Popunder traffic – Desktop & Mobile

Pop-under and redirect traffic is available for Italy with CpmInventoy.

Traffic is available on CPM / CPV module.
1 Million+ quality / real / targeted visitors available per day at price of just $4 CPM.
Cheaper deals available too starting at just $1 CPM.
All OS / Device (Android / iOS, etc ), Adult / mainstream, Keyword, Freq. cap targeting’s are available.
3G Or Wifi only can be targeted as well.

Traffic from Carriers like :  Three, AT&T, AemNet, Noverca, PosteMobile, TIM, Vodafone, Wind, and Telecom Italia are available for Italy.

Get in touch today and get started. Reach at  info@cpminventory.com
Or Skype @ popundermedia

Global Adult Mobile Redirect traffic available

Redirect traffic is one of the growing way of advertising, which is becoming popular like Pop-unders. Advertisers prefers Redirects against Pop-unders just because it opens the Ad in the same window ( by redirecting the page to Ad ) instead of opening a new window. So It is easily visible to the viewers in comparison to Pop-unders.

Adult Mobile Redirects

High Quality Adult Mobile Redirect Traffic is available with CPM INVENTORY : –

Geo ‘s      :   All Countries ( Strongest with US, CA, AU, CN, & Europe )
Model     :   CPM / CPV,  Mobile Redirects.
Verticals  :   Adult ( Gay / Straight / Shemale )
Rates       :   Starts at $4 CPM / 0.004 CPV
Optimization :  Available through Site id’s.

Please Contact at info@cpminventory.com  for more details.
Or Buzz on Skype @  popundermedia

Full page Redirect traffic Available

Redirect traffic, as the name suggest is the traffic which advertisers gets via redirecting it from some other website, without changing the window. Unlike Pops, it doesn’t open a new window for your advertisement, in fact it display the Ad on the same page / window.

For ex.  Visitor opened a website “xyz.com”. As soon as it is opened, it will redirect to say “abc.com” ( which is the Landing page / Ad to be shown )

Full Page Redirect traffic is available with CPM Inventory –

Redirect Traffic

Geo’s : US, CA, IN, RU, NL, DE, UK, FR, BR, VN, AU etc

Categories : RON Traffic available

: Depends on Campaign ( Browser / OS available )

: Varies, based on countries ( starts at $2 CPM )

For more details, feel free to contact at  info@cpminventory.com
Or Skype @  popundermedia