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Searching for Mobile Advertising Network?

Your Search for Mobile Advertising agency ends here :

With the Increasing focus and Creation of Mobile Applications, demand for mobile advertising agencies or networks are also increasing. Everyone these days creates an App for faster and wider approach these days and once after creating it, they want to promote it and here what CPM Inventory helps you.

List of Countries where CPM Inventory can do such Advertising :  Worldwide all Countries, strongest with United States, Canada, India, Indonesia, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, etc.

Type of Advertising which CPM Inventory offers :  CPM Inventory offers you advertising via Banners, Pop-unders and Redirects on CPM, CPV and CPC modules.
It can be targeted by any particular OS, Device, browsers, Carriers, verticals, keywords, etc.

Best Pricing available, contact account managers today and get the proposal.
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Banner Advertising with CPM Inventory


East Set up banner Ads

East Set up banner Ads

Banner Ads
are a Graphical display (Image based rather than text) on a website which is either created for promoting a brand or getting visitors from host website to the advertisers website by clicking on those ads.
It can be done on both desktop and mobile.

Now Banner Advertising works on different models –

1. CPM – Cost per 1000 Impressions  ( where advertiser pays for per 1000 visitors just to see the ads)
Available with CPM Inventory – starting at $0.20 CPM for all countries.

2. CPC – Cost per Click   ( where advertiser pays for no. of visitors who clicks on the ad and visits the advertiser’s website or landing page )
Available with CPM Inventory – starting at $0.03 per click for all countries.

Different Formats for Banner Ads

Banner Ad Formats

Banner Ad Formats

Leaderboard (728×90)
Full Banner (468×60)
Skyscraper (120×600)
Wide Skyscraper (160×600)
Medium Rectangle (300×250)
Vertical Banner (120×240)
Small Rectangle (180×150)
Button (125×125)
Square Box (250×250)
Large Rectangle (336×280)
Small Rectangle (180×150)
Mobile X-Large Banner (300×50)
Mobile Large Banner (216×36)
Mobile Medium Banner (168×28)
Mobile Small Banner (120×20)
Billboard Banner (970×250)
Half Page Banner (300×600)
Half Box (195×285)
News Banner (390×95)
Mobile Standard Banner (320×50)

Its very easy to set up Banner ads with CPM Inventory, as it provides you complete support.
It provides you a self serve platform, where you can create them yourself, following the very simple steps and add funds, pause the campaign, etc. You also have one dedicated Account Manager, who looks after your campaigns and help you to reach your targets.

Let’s get started today.
Drop an email at info@cpminventory.com and we will guide you all.
Let’s generate some business for you.