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Searching for Mobile Advertising Network?

Your Search for Mobile Advertising agency ends here :

With the Increasing focus and Creation of Mobile Applications, demand for mobile advertising agencies or networks are also increasing. Everyone these days creates an App for faster and wider approach these days and once after creating it, they want to promote it and here what CPM Inventory helps you.

List of Countries where CPM Inventory can do such Advertising :  Worldwide all Countries, strongest with United States, Canada, India, Indonesia, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, etc.

Type of Advertising which CPM Inventory offers :  CPM Inventory offers you advertising via Banners, Pop-unders and Redirects on CPM, CPV and CPC modules.
It can be targeted by any particular OS, Device, browsers, Carriers, verticals, keywords, etc.

Best Pricing available, contact account managers today and get the proposal.
Let’s make your Brands Shine with us.
Write at info@cpminventory.com  or Skype @ popundermedia

Pops and banners for Turkey

If you are looking to buy online traffic for Turkey, you are at right place.

CpmInventory can help you with both desktop & Mobile Pops / Popunders and banner traffic for TR.

Pops starting at $0.75 CPM
Banners starting at $0.10 CPM.

Verticals Available :  RON ( Mainstream and Adult )
Volumes :  400K+ per day

For more details, contact at info@cpminventory.com
Or Skype @ popundermedia

Pay Per Click traffic available for desktop & Mobile

PPC – Pay per click is a part of banner advertising where advertiser pays for no. of visitors who clicks on the banner ad ( graphical display ) and visits the advertiser’s website or landing page, instead of just seeing the banner ad.

One gets more targeted traffic here as one only pays for the visitors who see their ad and landing page or website.

Pay per click

Geo’s AvailableAll   ( Strongest with US, followed by CA, UK, DE, IT, FR, IN, AU )

Rates :  Bidding Platform – starts at $0.03 per click for all Geo’s.

Categories Available :  All, as per your requirement.   ( RON, Adult, games, gambling, finance, shopping, health, downloads, etc. )

Targeting Options – All ,  ( Device / OS / Language / Keyword / Channels / time scheduling / Geo’s, etc )

Note : For Pay per click, we will need the banner files to upload on our platform along with the links. We can not support the Js or iFrame tags with this model.

Contact at info@cpminventory.com for more details.
Or Skype at –  popundermedia