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Inviting Direct Publishers – Pay per Call

Pay Per Call module is a kind of traffic model where publishers are getting paid on the basis of number of calls what their traffic generates / sells.

CPM Inventory have tied up with all direct Call-Centers, which are looking to buy Inbound calls. And for them we are looking for direct publishers who can generate such calls for us.

Process / Verticals :  Tech Support, Rehabilitation / Drug Addiction,  Student loans, Auto Warranty, Health Insurance, Travel, Payday loans, Pharma, Home Security, etc.

Countries :  Majorly all United States (US), also France (FR), Australia (AU), United Kingdom (UK).

Volumes :   There is no limit to it. Whatever is available, we can buy all.

Payout :  Best in the Industry

Payment terms :   Next day payments, via bitcoin, Paypal, Paxum, Or Bank Wire.

Please feel free to buzz over Skype for any queries.

Reach at  info@cpminventory.com   Or Skype @  popundermedia

Looking to buy US Travel calls?

Apart from CPM and CPC modules, CpmInventory is now quite active with Pay per call module.

After its successful start of genuine tech support calls on regular  / consistent basis we have now open a new vertical of Travel calls.

We are looking for the centres who are looking to buy travel calls related to New Flight reservations and Hotel Bookings.
Flight booking calls mainly for  United and Delta Airlines.

Countries we can help at the  moment is United States. However we are looking to open up in other Geo’s soon.

For getting started, buzz us over Skype @ popundermedia
or write at anurag@cpminventory.com

Pay per call for US Payday Loans

Pay per call is a method of advertising where Advertiser pays based on number of calls or queries received  on the contact number they mention.

High quality Payday Calls are available with CPM Inventory on Pay per call basis for US.

Calls are generated via  SMS and Email Marketing.

Please get in touch to start today.
Skype @ popundermedia
or email at  info@cpminventory.com

US, UK & Canada Pay Per call Campaigns Available

CpmInventory is looking to buy the traffic on Pay per call basis.

Pay Per Call ( or Cost per call )  is a model of advertising where publishers are get paid for the number of unique calls made by the viewers of an ad.

Pay Per Call

Geo’s :  US, UK, Canada.

Categories :   Insurance,  Tech Support,  Pharma,  Adult / Dating Hot-line.

Targeting :   Depends on Campaign ( Windows, MAC, iOS, etc ).

Rates :   Best rates available, varies based on categories.

Payment terms :   Daily Payments available.

Contact at  info@cpminventory.com for more details
Or Skype @  popundermedia