About Us

Inventory Media  www.cpminventory.com, is New and Fast Growing Adnetwork which expertise in Popunder, Banner, eMail marketing and Mobile ads.

We can offer you more targeted Web & Mobile traffic with enhanced features like:-

• Day parting
• Freq. capping
• IP targeting (Geo and City)
• Re-targeting
• OS targeting
• Keyword / Channel Targeting
• Carrier Targeting
• Local ISP Targeting
• Device targeting
• Optimization via Source id’s
All Brand safe Publishers targeted traffic.

Popunder Traffic – starting @ $1 cpm onwards
Banner Traffic – starting @ $0.25 cpm onwards
Remnant Worldwide Redirects – starting @ $0.50 cpm onwards
Premium Mobile Traffic – starting @ $2 cpm onwards
Keyword Pop traffic starting at $4 CPM
3G / 4G / All carriers pop traffic starts at $4 CPM & banners at $0.50 CPM
Only WiFi traffic starts at $1 CPM
CPC starts at $0.04 per click.

We can work with following Verticals – http://cpminventory.com/category_list.html

Estimated Volumes – http://cpminventory.com/estimated_traffic.html

All the inventory on our network is Auction based and subjected to allocation Live time. Worldwide traffic available but strongest in US, followed by UK, CN, CA, DE, IT, FR, IN, AU, RU, RO, TR, ID, JP, MX, BR, etc.

We work with a Managed System. Logins are provided for viewing stats or one can opt for email reports daily with dedicated account manager.


Contact at info@cpminventory.com for more details.

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