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Inviting Direct Publishers – Pay per Call

Pay Per Call module is a kind of traffic model where publishers are getting paid on the basis of number of calls what their traffic generates / sells.

CPM Inventory have tied up with all direct Call-Centers, which are looking to buy Inbound calls. And for them we are looking for direct publishers who can generate such calls for us.

Process / Verticals :  Tech Support, Rehabilitation / Drug Addiction,  Student loans, Auto Warranty, Health Insurance, Travel, Payday loans, Pharma, Home Security, etc.

Countries :  Majorly all United States (US), also France (FR), Australia (AU), United Kingdom (UK).

Volumes :   There is no limit to it. Whatever is available, we can buy all.

Payout :  Best in the Industry

Payment terms :   Next day payments, via bitcoin, Paypal, Paxum, Or Bank Wire.

Please feel free to buzz over Skype for any queries.

Reach at  info@cpminventory.com   Or Skype @  popundermedia